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What If White People Were Slaves? Book One: Yrs 1810 – 1830 with a Special Foreword by Dr. April K by N. D. “Indy” Brennan is a provocative and immersive novel that reimagines American history by flipping the racial power dynamics of the Antebellum South. Set between 1810 and 1830, this compelling narrative is told through the voices of two primary characters: a former African-descended woman slave master and a former European-descended white slave woman. Both women reflect on their childhood experiences and the profound impact of their roles in this alternate historical reality.

Imagine… An American history where white people are enslaved and people of color are the dominant slave owners. Picture a society where the Willie Lynch Theory aimed to dismantle European families instead of African ones, and where Jim Crow laws oppressed white Americans instead of black Americans.

This book challenges readers to explore the psychological question: Can we ever truly understand or appreciate another person’s lived experience without walking in their shoes? By turning America’s history inside out, Brennan invites readers to a world that will shock the system and test the limits of their imagination.

Unique Features:

• Fourth Edition with Special Foreword by Dr. April K.: This version includes an insightful foreword by Dr. April K., the star of the acclaimed one-woman play “Beneath The Crown: A Survivor’s Story.” Dr. April K.’s foreword adds a profound layer to the narrative, connecting her own experiences as a sexual assault and domestic abuse survivor to the themes of the book.

• A Psychological Experiment: This novel is not just a story; it’s a psychological experiment that challenges human values based on skin color, enriching or depreciating them to provoke deep reflection.

• Inverted Historical Norms: The narrative flips social norms and American history, creating a reversed world that forces readers to confront their own perceptions of race and belonging.

Prepare to embark on a journey that will challenge your senses and expand your understanding of history and human empathy. If you’re ready to test your sense of belonging and human sensitivity, “What If White People Were Slaves? Book One: Yrs 1810 – 1930 with a Special Foreword by Dr. April K” is a must-read that will leave a lasting impact.

Now…imagine life as you know it…history as you have been taught…but suddenly…in reverse…

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