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Birmingham, Brace Yourself: Dr. April K. Takes the Stage in "Transparency: Family Issues" with a Powerful Preview of "Beneath The Crown"

Birmingham, Alabama  (January 18, 2024) – Prepare for an unforgettable theatrical experience as Dr. April Kelley, better known as Dr. April K, brings an excerpt of her electrifying one-woman show, “Beneath The Crown: A Survivor’s Story,” to Birmingham for the first time. This impactful performance will be woven into Coach Wes Lee’s powerful show “Transparency: Family Issues,” offering Birmingham residents and survivors a unique glimpse into both Coach Wes Lee and Dr. April K’s raw and inspiring journey.

Dr. April K. is no stranger to resilience. A champion against sexual violence and domestic abuse, she is a survivor herself. While attending undergraduate school, she faced unimaginable trauma – sexual violence at the hands of multiple men. This experience, however, was not her only battle. Later in life, she encountered the insidious grip of domestic violence, realizing that abuse manifests in many forms, not just physical bruises. Her story exposes the emotional and psychological torment inflicted by those closest to her, often women themselves.

Today, Dr. April K. is a thriving success story. She is a celebrated playwright, producer, film coordinator, and Dean of Carver College (an HBCU). Her impactful work extends to serving as the Southeastern Regional Domestic Violence Coordinator for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and the Global Domestic Violence Coordinator for Beauty For Ashes Global Women’s Ministries.

Mark your calendars! On Friday, January 26th, and for two shows on Saturday, January 27th, Dr. April K. will offer a captivating preview of “Beneath The Crown” within Coach Wes Lee’s “Transparency: Family Issues” at the Encore Theatre and Gallery (213 Gadsden Hwy). This is an unparalleled opportunity to witness the power of Coach Wes Lee and Dr. April K’s voices and experience a raw, emotional journey that will resonate with survivors, mental health advocates, and theater lovers alike.

Don’t miss your chance to witness this unprecedented collaboration. Get your tickets today and prepare to be moved by the stories of Dr. April K. and Coach Wes Lee!  Tickets are available for purchase at For more information, please visit

About Dr. April K:

Dr. April K. is a playwright, producer, film coordinator, dean, and advocate against domestic violence. A survivor herself, her one-woman show “Beneath The Crown: A Survivor’s Story” sheds light on the complexities of abuse and empowers others to find their voice. Dr. April K. holds leadership positions with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and Beauty For Ashes Global Women’s Ministries, dedicating her life to supporting survivors and raising awareness.


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