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Dr. April K and Author Indy Brennan Announce Plans to Adapt "What If White People Were Slaves" into Film


May 6, 2024, Atlanta, Georgia – In a groundbreaking move, Dr. April K and Author Indy Brennan are set to adapt the thought-provoking novel “What If White People Were Slaves” into a film. Originally released in 2019 under the title “Reciprocal,” Brennan’s novel garnered significant attention for its daring premise, akin to Alex Haley’s monumental work “Roots,” but with a profound twist where white individuals are depicted as slaves and people of color as the slave masters. The book, which has received widespread acclaim and minimal criticism, marks the beginning of a series that delves into the complexities of race relations during the height of the slave trading era between 1810 and 1830.

At the core of “What If White People Were Slaves” lies a fundamental principle: understanding can only truly blossom when one walks in another’s shoes. Brennan’s narrative challenges readers to confront historical realities through a lens rarely explored in mainstream literature. The novel acts as a mirror, reflecting society’s long-standing racial dynamics and prompting introspection on empathy, perspective-taking, and the interconnectedness of human experiences.

The decision to adapt this groundbreaking work into a film underscores the commitment of both Dr. April K and Indy Brennan to provoke meaningful dialogue and catalyze societal reflection. In an interview, Brennan shared the motivation behind the project, stating, “Our goal is to expand the mindset of every American by inverting the American experience within dominant and minority communities. We can’t expect a person to empathize with us if they have never had the concerns, fears, or experiences that we have faced.

For Dr. April K, this project holds personal significance, given her own journey as a survivor of sexual and domestic assault. Currently on tour with her powerful one-woman stage play, “Beneath the Crown: A Survivor’s Story,” Dr. April K has become a beacon of resilience and empowerment, transforming her trauma into a platform for advocacy and change. Her multiple degrees, including an MBA and two doctorates, underscore her commitment to education and empowerment.

In addition to her stage work, Dr. April K serves as the Southeastern Regional Domestic Violence Coordinator for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and the Global Domestic Violence Coordinator for Beauty for Ashes Ministry. As a Title IX Trainer, she works tirelessly to educate and protect students and faculty from sexual violence, domestic abuse, and bullying on campuses.

Regarding the film adaptation, Dr. April K expressed, “Apart from ‘Beneath the Crown,’ This film is one of the most important and impactful projects that I have ever considered tackling because, much as in the case of my stage play, it has life-altering implications.” She highlighted the audacity of the project, noting that it will challenge societal norms and provoke deep introspection on historical injustices and their contemporary ramifications.

The re-release of “What If White People Were Slaves” with a foreword by Dr. April K marks a significant moment in literature and film. The project’s filming in Atlanta, Georgia, is a testament to the city’s vibrant cultural landscape and commitment to storytelling that pushes boundaries and fosters meaningful conversations.

As the world eagerly anticipates this groundbreaking adaptation, “What If White People Were Slaves” promises to be a cinematic experience that challenges perceptions, sparks conversations, and invites viewers on a transformative journey through history and imagination.

About Dr. April K:

Dr. April K is a survivor, advocate, and multi-faceted artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. With a diverse background spanning film, theater, and activism, she uses her platform to elevate the voices of survivors and drive positive change in communities worldwide. Through her work as a film coordinator, regional DV coordinator, and global advocate, Dr. April K continues to inspire and empower others with her resilience and unwavering commitment to justice and healing.

About the Play

Beneath The Crown, A Survivor’s Story” is an amazing, autobiographical one-woman stage play that chronicles Dr. April K’s personal journey of overcoming unthinkable traumas to achieve remarkable success. The play is co-produced by Tyler Perry’s Javon Johnson and Author N. D. “Indy” Brennan.

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