THE PILOT PERFORMANCE ( Paine College, Augusta, GA)

On November 28, 2023, Paine College in Augusta, Georgia, became the dynamic stage for the pilot performance of “Beneath The Crown: A Survivor’s Story” by Dr. April K. After reaching out to two colleges in Augusta, Paine College’s unwavering support and enthusiastic embrace of our vision won us over. Special thanks to Mrs. Mason and her exceptional team at Paine College for their invaluable assistance and encouragement during this pivotal moment. The result was nothing short of amazing! Students and faculty were moved to share their own lived experiences with sexual violence and domestic abuse during the compelling Q&A session that followed the play. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey, with Paine College playing a pivotal role in launching the live performance. Despite the absence of a band and limited visuals, the pilot’s approximately 30-minute show left a profound impact, solidifying our steadfast and consistent relationship with Paine College.

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