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"The theatrical realm is a healing sanctuary, a space where stories unfold like potent medicine, curing hearts and fostering a profound sense of connection."

Embarking on my journey through the realms of theater and film has been nothing short of a transformative odyssey, serving as indispensable tools in my process of overcoming past adversities. These creative domains are not mere stages and screens to me; they are sacred landscapes where I discover solace amidst the fantastical, navigating the intricate tapestry of my own experiences. The immersive nature of theater and cinema provides a canvas for my emotions, allowing me to express, process, and ultimately find healing.

As a seasoned artist of both stage and film, I keenly understand the profound impact these mediums can have. In my role as the film coordinator of Fulton Films in Atlanta, I bear the responsibility of extending the reprieve I found in the arts to others in the industry. This duty is not taken lightly; it’s a commitment approached with gravity and passion, recognizing the transformative power of storytelling in the healing journey. My advocacy spans decades, driven by my firsthand understanding of how stories can be not only a source of entertainment but also powerful catalysts for healing and empowerment.

In me, you witness a visionary who has converted personal pain into purpose, utilizing the magic of theater and film to create a space where healing is not just possible but celebrated. My encouragement and advocacy resonate with fervor, making me a beacon for those navigating their own paths of resilience. Through my work, dedication, and passion, I stand as a testament to the profound impact that storytelling can have on individuals and the collective human experience.

Welcome…to..my world…

Dr. April K.

The Pageant Queen

My journey in the realm of pageantry commenced at the tender age of 3. It was a lived experience that seemed as natural as breathing.

Transitioning from a child pageant winner to achieving the title of Miss Benedict College in 2001, little did I anticipate the profound responsibilities that accompanied the glamorous world of pageantry. Even in the face of the unthinkable, we were urged to maintain a regal demeanor. However, this dazzling lifestyle had its flipside – I unintentionally became a target for those seeking conquest. Unaware of what would unfold, I found the unimaginable happening, yet, in that very moment, God granted me the courage to press forward.

Amid this journey, I was broken down to the worst common denominator, experiencing overwhelming feelings of dread, disgust, self-doubt, and embarrassment. Perhaps it was precisely this harrowing experience that ignited the flame of resilience within me, empowering me to live beyond adversities and violations. Today, I realize that I am much more than the sum of my past circumstances. Regardless of the day being favorable or a bust, whether the moment is treacherous or tremendous, I know that I remain a queen. This identity is not contingent upon external circumstances but is anchored in the profound truth that I am a daughter of the King. In Him, I live, breathe, and persistently press forward.

Implied Message

Dr. April K

“Stepping onto the stage to perform ‘Beneath The Crown: A Survivor’s Story’ is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, making myself vulnerable in ways I never have before, yet I recognize this is more than just a play—it’s an unintentional ministry, a powerful narrative aimed at empowering others to speak out and rise up from their own ashes.”

Student Pricing

Dr. April K is dedicated to two essential missions: providing opportunities for young individuals to gain valuable experience in the arts and entertainment industry, and spreading awareness about sexual assault (SA) and domestic violence (DV) to empower young people in avoiding or navigating similar challenges. In alignment with these goals, students are offered a 50% discount on ticket prices for “Beneath The Crown” performances. To get your ticket, simply follow us on IG (@beneaththecrown) and send a text or DM to 470-402-4071, including your name, age, school, and student identification number. Our team will promptly reach out to guide you through the ticket processing, ensuring that the transformative and empowering experience of Dr. April K’s performance is accessible to all.

Survivor Special

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Beneath The Crown: A Reset Book Survivors

Pre-order your signed, exclusive copy of her personal memoir and motivation book, Beneath The Crown:  A Survivor’s Story.

Beneath The Crown (The Play)

In the aftermath of her trials and triumphs, Dr. April K. has crafted one of the most captivating stageplays of the decade. Unfolding in the moments leading up to her address to the student body on the day she is set to receive her Doctor of Higher Learning Education degree, Dr. April K. unveils a powerful narrative. Against the backdrop of unimaginable traumas, she emerges as a living testament to our immense capabilities. “Beneath The Crown” is undeniably a must-see for everyone, offering a poignant exploration of resilience and triumph over adversity.

Our Team

N. D. “Indy” Brennan, Producer

Dr. Jessie Jalee, Business Partner

Javon Johnson, Producer

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